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Scott Harrington

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Middleton, WI


Scott Harrington is a working contemporary abstract painter with a home studio and gallery in Middleton, Wisconsin.

His paintings are mostly watercolor/gouache, acrylic and oil pastel on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper and wood panel. His signature work consists of abstract interpretations of nature using the entire spectrum of colors to produce paintings that are calming, inspiring and uplifting.

Scott was born in Madison, WI. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology, Masters Degree in Education and Advanced Certificates in Horticulture/Landscape Design. He currently owns/operates a Landscape Service also based in Lenox, MA.

The process of transforming paint and other materials into images continues to compel and challenge me. Over the years, that process has led me from ceramics, photography, drawing and painting, and most recently to pursue experimental processes on paper. Painting fills me with a sense of serenity and integrity, and has proven a most reliable vehicle for translating inner vision to outer reality.

My abstract paintings explore the wonders of nature and beauty in our world. Personal symbols that have emerged through this process include; the Turtle (wisdom/grace), the Dragonfly (metamorphosis/change) and the Tree (steadfastness/beauty).

I use a variety of different paints/media (oil pastel, ink, acrylic, latex, gouache, and wood) and yet I am always drawn back to water colors for their unpredictable nature and their transparency.

I paint from the inside out. Focusing on the sensation and context of my experience. I work deliberately, employing both traditional and innovative techniques, while letting the uncertain nature of painting free my hand. My paintings are finished when they are able to convey a moment or sensation, as well as what I am feeling.

1993 Student Art Show Exhibit University of Wisconsin-EauClaire
2002 Mixed Media Exhibit Thorne�s Market Place (Northampton, MA)
2003 Water Color Exhibit Caf� Amanouz (Northampton, MA)
2005 Mixed Media Exhibit Cummington Community Center (Cummington, MA)
2009 Water Color Exhibit Sati Wellness Center (Aspinwall Center) Lenox, MA
2009 Mixed Media Exhibit Berkshires Green Grocer Lee, MA
2009 Pittsfield Art Show (Juried Exhibition) Pittsfield, MA
2010 Home Gallery/Studio Opening Lenox, MA
2010 JWS Art Supply Solo Exhibit Great Barrington, MA


1) The Yoga Of Art (Interview), The Artful Mind, April 2009
2) Finding Peaceful Art: The Advocate, April 2009
3) Featured Artist of Month (Title: Into The Mystery): Preview Magazine, May 2009
4) The Art of Slowing Down: Berkshires Best Buys, Business and Beyond, November,2009
5) Cover Art (Winter Bloom): Wisdom Magazine-New England Edition
6) Cover Art (The Winds Of Change): Our Berkshire Green, June-August 2010
7) The Yoga of Art(part 2), Berkshires Best Buys, Business and Beyond, March 2011
8) The Business of Art, The Artful Mind, March 2011


1993 University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Introduction to Art Studio
1999 Camp Nebagamon, Wisconsin: Ted Semling Private Art Instruction
2001 Crow Hill Gallery, Vermont: Jeanne Carbonetti Private Art Instruction
2006 NX Level Training Network: Business Planning for Artists. Denise Mason
2009-2011 Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Stockbridge, MA Painting the Light Within. (Watercolor Training) Jeanne Carbonetti (Vermont)
2010 is183 Art School Stockbridge, MA Breathing in Color (Watercolor Training) Senta Reis
2011 is183 Art School Stockbridge, MA Painting Studio. Yura Adams
2010-Present Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Pittsfield, MA
Art Business Coaching/Training. Keith Girouard

VOLUNTEER WORK: 2010/2011 is183 Art School Stockbridge, MA
ONLINE ART GALERY: www.flickr.com/photos/scottharrington
EMAIL: scottharringt10@hotmail.com
PHONE: (608) 354-8228



Autumns Release by Scott Harrington


Pause by Scott Harrington


Birch by Scott Harrington


Winds Of Change 1 by Scott Harrington


Winds of Change 2 by Scott Harrington


Winds of Change 3 by Scott Harrington


Winds Of Change 4 by Scott Harrington


Searching by Scott Harrington


Zentropy by Scott Harrington


Winter Bloom by Scott Harrington


Eretmeochelys imbricata by Scott Harrington


Caretta caretta by Scott Harrington


Emerging by Scott Harrington


Ascending by Scott Harrington


Intimacy by Scott Harrington


Georgia by Scott Harrington


Into the mystery by Scott Harrington


Solitude Waiting by Scott Harrington


Windsor by Scott Harrington


Bodhi Shunyata by Scott Harrington


Balance by Scott Harrington


Synchronicity by Scott Harrington


Yokun Ridge by Scott Harrington


Untitled by Scott Harrington


Resting one day by Scott Harrington


Transition by Scott Harrington


Breathing In Color by Scott Harrington


Caretta caretta by Scott Harrington


ANISOZYGOPTERA by Scott Harrington


Flow by Scott Harrington